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"I was NOT surprised by the love & grace of everyone [at the conference]...Super good time!"

- 2013 FBC attendee

"Thank you for having an event like this where we can reconnect and leave rejuvenated and stirred up!"

- 2013 GGF Leadership Conference attendee

"The theme was dynamite!"

- 2014 Leadership Conference attendee

"I felt very welcome, like I was "known" rather than "brand new."

- 2013 FBC attendee

"Theme of mentoring has been valuable. An essential activity in a healthy church."

- a 2014 Leadership Conference attendee

"Craig Apel's session on church policy matters on politically charged topics - so needed and excellent."

- 2013 GGF Leadership Conference attendee

"I have seen firsthand the quality and caring that our "headquarters" has given and I'm proud to be part of our fellowship."

- Dr. Robert Renberg, Jr


"It engergized me to go back to working w/traumatized people in the inner city."

- 2013 FBC attendee

"The GGF focus on integrating with many ethnic groups, emphasis on evangelism, church planting & Grace in Action - it was great! Unity of everyone involved."

- 2013 FBC attendee

"I enjoyed the practical nature of many of the aspects like coaching/discipleship"

- a 2014 Leadership Conference attendee

"Thanking God for all of them - their knowledge of God's Word, willingness to share it. Their concern for the lost and challenge to us was appreciated."

- 2013 FBC attendee

"Dale DeWitt's History of Grace Theology was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. I felt God wanted me to hear this."

- 2013 FBC attendee

"I believe this was one of the best!"

- a 2014 Leadership Conference attendee

"The newer, younger pastors teaching - that was so valuable to hear the quality, and that the GGF pastors are well prepared and energized to perpetuate the Grace movement."

- 2013 FBC attendee

"All [speakers] were good. It's so good to listen to these men & hear their obvious love of the Lord, GGF & what they do!"

- 2013 FBC attendee